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Why Everyone Should Be a Telemarketer

Why Everyone Should Be a Telemarketer
Why Everyone Should Be a Telemarketer

You may be extremely confused by title of this article, but I have had a week-long experience doing the unthinkable. As a college kid trying to stay afloat, I’ve been taking advantage of any way to earn a few dollars here and there.

A recent opportunity for me was to be a caller for an organization promoting a particular presidential candidate. No one likes a telemarketer, but I couldn’t say no to the hourly rate and it seemed simple enough, reading from a script.

They gave me a phone, and I dialed in. It’s amazing how humbling this experience truly was. I spoke with all ends of the spectrum in regards to humanity. I experienced some of the rudest and inconsiderate people, but those who took the time to listen to me were very patient and somewhat appreciative.

I was shocked at how comfortable people were with being rude on the phone. I can’t imagine a single person speaking with such tone and ridiculous hate words to me in person. I was allowed to put in up to 40 hours a week, but I ended up logging a total of around 10. To make a job sound dramatic, it was emotionally draining.

This experience gave me an eye-opening realization. Every time there is a telemarketer that calls the house, we are speaking with a real person--a person just like me--on the other side. They make a living by spending their days on a phone most likely being hung up on all day. If that is not extremely humbling, I don’t know what is.

The reason I say everyone should be a telemarketer for a short time is to open their eyes to the human that sits on the other side of the conversation. Telemarketers have to be extremely resilient, confident, and okay with rejection all of the time. It wouldn’t be hard to simply say “no thank you” as opposed to cussing them out or violently hanging up on them.

I get it, they are annoying. I could not agree more. The fact, however, is they exist (and probably will for a long time), so we might as well not let it ruin our days, or ruin the days of those who have to deal with us.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kelly Simpkins
College: Ohio State
Major: Business Marketing
Graduation Date: May 2015
Social media: Google Plus | Linkedin | Twitter
The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business Class of 2015; aspiring market researcher with a passion for business, community service, tennis, football, and current events. GO BUCKS!
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